Many of the planning opportunities that are available are usually tax related.  We have a dedicated tax team to ensure that as and when things change (they always do) you are the first to know about how these impact them and opportunities for planning or mitigating this.

Are you planning to sell shares in the next year or so? Have you checked whether you will be entitled to entrepreneurs relief and the 10% tax rate? We can help you plan to ensure you qualify.

Looking to raise investment in your business? Or invest in another business? We can advise whether the investment can qualify for EIS or SEIS which offer investors 50%/30% tax relief on their investment as well as other benefits.

Do you have key staff within your business you would like to tie in to the business for the long term? Outright gifts of shares can be very expensive from a tax perspective, we have some excellent tax efficient solutions for you.

Does your business invest money and or staff time in developing products or internal solutions? You could qualify for the government’s R&D tax credits which are very generous and could provide you with a cash repayment.

Is your investment income (rental/dividends/interest) split tax efficiently between you and your spouse?  We review this as standard for our clients and we can help you do this while complying with the tax rules.