We believe that our approach puts us one step ahead of many other competitors. 

Smaller firms are great on customer service but lack the expertise to be able to provide you with a full range of services and access to experts in each area.

Larger firms are not so good on customer service but they can provide you with access to experts although they are more focused on charging premium rates and generally take a short term view.

With this in mind we have deliberately positioned ourselves so as to offer you the best of both without the negatives of either. 

We are a medium size City firm with a small firm’s view to the importance of getting to know you and your business and making partner time available to you whenever required.  We have supplemented this approach by recruiting some of the industry’s top talent from the larger firms to be able to offer you access to the best expertise and as a firm we deliberately take the long term view to our relationship with you when it comes to charging rates.