HMRC Let Property Campaign

If you or a friend have a rental property that hasn’t previously been declared to HMRC now is the time do notify them as they are currently running a campaign which provides reduced penalties and charges if you make a disclosure of the undeclared rental income through this scheme.

This scheme covers you if you’re:

  • renting out a single property
  • renting out multiple properties
  • a specialist landlord, eg student or workforce rentals
  • renting out a room in your main home for more than the Rent a Room Scheme threshold
  • living abroad and renting out a property in the UK
  • living in the UK and renting a property abroad
  • renting out a holiday home even if you use it yourself

You can’t use this scheme to declare undisclosed income if you’re a company or a trust renting out residential property or if you’re renting out commercial property.

We have experience of assisting people with this scheme so please contact our disclosure specialists Richard Marsh or John Holmes on 0207 782 0007 if you would like to discuss this.