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Plan for the future and leave your legacy intact

Leaving behind a legacy is important. It’s what our friends and family will remember us by. Part of that is saving them having to do the legwork on your estate when you’re gone. Your estate will usually be subject to inheritance tax (IHT) meaning that whoever your beneficiaries might not receive as much as you’d like. Inheritance tax has the potential to cause your loved one serious grief if they’re hit with a bill from HMRC when they’re still mourning your loss.

Thankfully, though, we’re here to help. IHT can be reduced with the proper planning and processing, leaving your loved ones with the benefits they need, and your estate in great position to be managed by your executors in the future.

There are some clever ways we can help to reduce your IHT, including distributing your wealth and assets before you die, either as gifts to your family; by setting up a trust; by making regular donations to charity; or by using nil-rate band transfers.

We’re experienced enough, and careful enough, to help ensure your wishes are carried out, with an eye on legality and compliance, and an attitude of compassion towards everyone involved.

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