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If you’re looking to expand your business, a merger or acquisition can be a great way to acquire new clients, extend your territory and develop your offer. Without proper professional advice or assistance to ensure your interests are best represented in any subsequent transaction, however, it can be very difficult – especially alongside the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business.

We can assist with strategic planning to determine the suitable acquisition criteria, identify potential target companies and conduct the necessary studies into their affairs.

We’ll help you negotiate a strategy, perform financial and operational due diligence, and prepare the necessary financial projections to give you the best possible chance of success. We’ll also help you identify potential sources of capital financing and prepare and present finance applications.

Once the planning stage is done, we’ll help with the negotiation of the deal and any post-acquisition integration with the newly-merged company. You’ll feel comfortable and confident with the execution of the merger, and happy that your business is now stronger than ever.

It is equally important to seek professional help and advice when disposing of a business. We can help with valuing the assets, preparing the business for sale, finding suitable purchasers, and negotiating the sale. Above all, we can help you time the disposal so as to minimise your tax exposure.

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