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Managing a team can be hard. There are countless requests, requirements and tasks to do to keep everything running smoothly, and it can seem unmanageable. One of the routine tasks that is vital for your team’s morale is payroll. If you don’t process payroll properly, you risk them not getting paid, being paid late, or getting less than they deserve. And if you don’t file the required paperwork to HMRC on time, you could find yourself under investigation.

If you outsource your payroll to us, we can take care of every part of it on your behalf. We’ll manage your PAYE scheme, sorting our calculations, deductions, pensions contribution admin (including auto-enrolment) and payslips. We’ll also deal with all queries from staff and, if necessary, from HMRC. Once you’ve outsourced, you’ll never look back.

Working it all out requires tact and understanding. Every member of your team has different salaries, terms and conditions, benefits and deductions. These deductions might include student loan repayments or child maintenance, both of which are very sensitive subjects to your employees. Similarly, benefits might include maternity, paternity, or sick pay.

These are all areas you want to get right, so having a service that takes care of them is vital for your team’s morale and for the success of your business as a whole.

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