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Undertaking research? We can help you claim some serious benefits

Are you creating a new product or service? Researching in a field that requires time and effort before you can even think about a profit? Many companies are undertaking research and development (R&D) without realising it and are unaware that they can claim tax relief, delivering serious money that can be reinvested straight back into the business.

We’ll help work out if you’re eligible to claim in the first place, against two key criteria: innovation and uncertainty. If you’re undertaking any risk in the likely success of your research, or you’re looking to improve a product or service, then you’re likely to qualify, and we can get you started.

R&D doesn’t just mean someone conducting lab experiments – the full HMRC tax definition is much broader and can include work on materials, processes, products, designs and services. We’ll help you work out what it is you’re doing that qualifies you, and how much you can claim.

What’s up for grabs? Up to 43.7% of your qualifying R&D expenditure. This is a sizable source of potential funding for your company and can really benefit your business in the long term. The average claim is around £78,000.

“We have enjoyed working with RPGCC during the research and development phase of our product. Their expertise in assisting with the company’s research and development tax credit has significantly assisted with the funding of the business.”

Dagmara Lacka| Boldmind Limited

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