Post-COVID recovery

With two difficult years behind us, it’s now time to think about the future of your business. COVID-19 has cast a large shadow over businesses, but as we come out of the other side, what can you be doing to stay ahead of the curve?

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the things you can be doing to make your business more secure in the post-pandemic world, and give you advice and guidance on some areas that may be of interest.

Strengthen your business

In the wake of an unprecedented amount of change, it’s vital to make sure your business is prepared in the event of another.

If you have the resources, it might be worth looking into creating a dedicated ‘crisis resource team’ that can operate in the event of another event.

If you design a strategy and a purpose for this team, you’ll feel well equipped in the unlikely event of another crisis, and can highlight to your staff that you’re actively protecting both the businesses and their own wellbeing.

This will also go hand in hand with revising and revisiting your existing crisis management structure if you have one. You want to make sure you have a proper response strategy in case of another event.

Listen to your employees

In a recent study by PWC, it was found that 77% of workers want to reskill, especially in a digital field. Alongside a 72% desire to be able to work remotely, this presents an interesting opportunity for employers looking to change how they operate.

By offering digital training and a more flexible way of working, you’re opening up the talent pool, and encouraging your staff to stay with you for the longer term.

This is especially important when you consider that 60% of the workforce is worried about their job security in the wake of the pandemic. If you show your employees that you care about them through training and listening to their needs, then they’re going to naturally feel more secure in their job.

Research opportunities

There are countless opportunities for research and development in the post-COVID world. These advancements can be backed up through government sanctioned credits that save you money on your tax bill.

For example, if you can show that the R&D you undertook needed research, testing and analysis to develop it, then you can claim tax credits.

So any new product that you made during the pandemic – say a smart device that helps people stay connected – you’ll be eligible to claim for.

This is so valuable, as it will give you easy access to funds to put back into your business, and allow you to continue innovating and exploring in your field.

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As professionals, we’ve had to make lots of changes over the last two years, not least in the way that we work with each other.

If you’re unsure about anything or need some more tailored advice for your business, get in touch with us today.

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