Non domicile tax planning


Determining whether an individual was UK resident used to be uncertain as HM Revenue & Customs used to rely largely on case law but from 6 April 2013 they have tried to bring more clarity to this by introducing statutory residence tests.  Please see our guide to the statutory residence tests for more detail on these. 

It is possible that following the introduction of these new rules individuals who were previously non resident may now become UK resident for tax purposes.  The relevance of becoming classed as UK tax resident is that you can become liable to UK tax on your worldwide income unless certain elections are made.  It is therefore important to get professional advice on this as soon as possible. 

Non Domicile tax planning

If you or your parents were born outside of the UK and it may be your intention to leave the UK permanently in the future then you are likely to be classed by HM Revenue & Customs as non domiciled for UK tax purposes.

The significance of this is that it can present numerous tax planning opportunities particularly for those coming or leaving the UK but also for existing UK residents as well.

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