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Working on your own means more tasks, with less time to do them. Whether you’re investing in the stock market, working in a freelance capacity or simply as an adviser, once you’ve started earning a certain amount, the stresses of managing your wealth can be large.

We’re dedicated to finding the solutions to your personal problems – through tax planning and wealth management you can rely on. If you are required to complete a self-assessment tax return, then you’ll need support to help you understand where your tax liabilities arise and provide options on how you may seek to manage these liabilities. We’re experts at understanding each individual’s unique situation.

If you’re planning the future of your estate, then you’ll need to know that your money is in good hands, and will be passed on to the correct beneficiaries. As your accountant, we’ll work closely with you to make sure your finances are in great standing, and that all of your investments are managed correctly. If needed, we’ll help minimise capital gains tax (CGT) wherever we can, and assess and understand where any additional savings can be made.

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Personal tax planning and compliance

Filing a tax return can be a lot of hassle, especially when you’re on your own. We’ll take care of this job, from start to finish.

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Estate planning

Planning for the future of your estate is a vital step in ensuring your wealth continues supporting those you love once you’re gone.

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