Accounting advisory

Financial reporting is often criticized for being overly complex and often dictating treatments that are not immediately obvious to those that entered into the agreements.

We understand the business needs of any company will always come first however it is important for entities to understand the financial reporting impact of a transaction or contract, how this will be reflected and the options available within the respective framework.   

Significant transactions such as acquisitions, joint venture arrangements and the complexity of some financing agreements on top of navigating the requirements of new and existing standards to decide on accounting positions can often challenge and overburden the most capable of finance teams.

Our Accounting advisory group will guide you and your company through financial reporting issues that emerge. We will provide advice and the practical support you need. We can help you understand the financial reporting implications of transactions, assist in the preparation of robust papers, provide accurate calculations and models and liaise with your auditors to support you through your audit process. We will be to help you understanding the impact of a transaction on performance measures, financial statements and the choices available, whilst reducing the pressure on your finance team.

We combine expert technical knowledge with practical, commercial experience in order to develop technically robust financial reporting aligned to your business.

How we could help?

  • Consultation on the impact of significant transactions under IFRS or UK GAAP. Providing memos, calculations and entries as required.
  • Assistance with implementation of new accounting standards, including an initial impact assessment, helping you develop and understanding of transition options and development of implementation plans
  • Development and review of accounting policies through discussion with management and assistance in developing models for key estimates
  • Performing GAAP conversions (UK GAAP or IFRS)
  • Drafting of financial statements under UK GAAP or IFRS as required
  • Design and preparation of consolidation models
  • Cash flow preparation
  • Drafting of disclosure notes
  • Assistance with liaison with auditors on key areas
  • Provide guidance on narrative reporting including changes as they arise


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