VAT is a complex area of tax and requires dedicated, professional and intelligent support…



VAT is one of the most complicated aspects of the UK tax regime and can cause a real headache for any business.

Value added tax puts a burden on businesses, making them collect tax on behalf of the Government.

With a constantly expanding scope, VAT regularly sees its regulations updated and changed, adding confusion and room for error, which sometimes leads to court cases and tribunals – best avoided if you want to focus on running a profitable business.

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How will RPGCC’s VAT team help you and your business?

Thankfully, with our expert VAT advice, you’ll know when to register for VAT, or deregister, and simply understand the whole process that little bit better.

We’ll also handle your regular VAT returns, getting them delivered to HMRC on time, complete and accurate.

However, our expert VAT team can also help with complex areas of VAT, including VAT rates applicable to Land and Property, One-Stop-Shop, and post-Brexit VAT planning.   

If HMRC does decide to look into your Value Added Tax arrangements, our team will help you deal with any enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our services include:

  • Registration services
  • Planning and administration
  • VAT schemes and how to use the most appropriate scheme for your business
  • VAT control and reconciliation
  • Completing of VAT returns
  • VAT on land and property
  • Planning in order to minimise problems with HMRC
  • Negotiating with HMRC, dispute resolution and representing you at VAT tribunals
  • Option to Tax

The RPGCC VAT advisory team are experts in the property sector, regularly advising clients on UK VAT rates applicable to UK Land and Property and how VAT is applicable to those holding property investment portfolios.  

If you are holding a property investment portfolio and wish to discuss VAT contact us today on 020 7870 9050. 

Property investment portfolio and VAT
VAT on UK land and property VAT advisers london RPGCC

If you would like to speak to a member of our London Accounting Team about your audit and accounting requirements contact us or telephone us on 020 7870 9050.  Or you can visit our web chat in the bottom right corner which is manned during office hours and you can leave a message out of hours. 

The RPGCC team are always just a click or call away.

Meet our VAT Partner, Kelly Eland

Kelly Eland is a VAT professional with over 20 years of experience. As well as working in practice like she does today, Kelly also has experience working in-house for a large UK supermarket.  

Kelly focuses on VAT planning and advisory work and specialises in VAT exemptions and reliefs, working across all sectors.

Kelly is keen to add “any change in business structure, supply chains or the nature of the goods or services sold is likely to impact the VAT profile of the business, with any mistakes potentially having a major impact on the bottom line. VAT, like other taxes, can be daunting but my aim is to break it down into something that is clear and easy for businesses to deal with.”

If you would like to speak to Kelly about any area of VAT, please contact her on 020 7870 9050.

Kelly Eland, VAT Partner – 

RPGCC VAT Partner Kelly Eland

VAT Case Study

We were approached by a US established business (Online Training Inc) which supplies online training to customers. The training is not educational, more vocational/professional training. The company decided that they wished to to broaden their customer base to customers based outside the US and they approached us at RPGCC to determine what their VAT reporting requirements were in the UK and across Europe (if any).

Read our US/UK trading VAT Case Study
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