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At RPGCC Corporate Finance we specialise in mergers and acquisitions, lead advisory and debt advisory transactions for middle-market businesses.

Our clients include investors, entrepreneurs, private equity, corporates, and family offices. With our combined experience and vast industry knowledge as well as our commitment to achieving outstanding, long-term results, we help our clients create value and achieve their financial goals.  

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Business Sale - Case Study

Our Corporate Finance Team are often asked by business owners,  “why do I need a corporate finance advisor to help me sell my business, can’t I do all the work myself?”

Below is an example of how our corporate finance team contributed to just one recent successful business sale which goes some way to illustrate the value a good corporate finance advisor can bring.

Business sale – the brief

Our team was engaged to help sell a successful recruitment business. The owners had a vague notion that the business was worth.  They estimated this to be around £3m – £4m and they wanted us to run the sale process from start to finish.

Stage 1 - Business Valuation

We started by conducting a detailed analysis of the financial and operational aspects of the business and the wider industry. This acted as the foundation for an indicative valuation range between £3m and £5m, highlighting where potential purchasers may see value in the business and issues they may use to negotiate the price down.

Stage 2 - Creating and contacting a list of potential buyers

We used our wide network of contacts, access to company databases and detailed research to compile a list of 25 target potential buyers, which was agreed with the sellers. We then created a ‘teaser’ marketing document which provided these targets with the key information they would need about the business for sale, without disclosing the company name or any sensitive information.

Stage 3 - Writing and distributing of an IM Marketing Report

Our team used our now detailed background knowledge of the business and its place in the recruitment industry to create an IM, which acts as a both a marketing document and an information reference allowing potential buyers to make a credible offer for the business. It also appeals to sophisticated buyers who may receive IMs on a wide range of businesses and need pertinent information presented in a clear way to capture their attention.

This document is only shared once a potential buyer signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”), which provides legal protection to the seller around the confidential information it allows to be shared.

Stage 4 - Request for indicative offers

To avoid interested parties wasting the sellers’ time, we asked potential buyers to submit their indicative offers, before we allowed them a face-to-face meeting with the sellers. 7 different offers were received, ranging from £2m to £4.5m. After a detailed review and follow up of the offer documents it was clear that the buyer that made the £4.5m offer was the party most likely to make the highest final offer.

Over a period of 1 month, we realised that this potential buyer was very committed to making the acquisition. We used all our negotiating experience to seek further uplifts in their offer and eventually reached a final level of £6.5m!

Stage 5 - Managing the due diligence process

The buyer sort to support their offer by carrying out a 2 month long due diligence process, managed by a due diligence specialist firm. This can be a very time consuming and often emotionally charged process, given the buyer is looking for any previously undiscovered weaknesses in the business, which may justify them reducing the price. Our team managed this process and ensured the sellers’ time was not wasted providing inappropriate information requested and that the process was a streamlined as possible. This allowed the sellers the time to continue running their business and limit any slow down or blockages that the time-consuming due diligence process can cause.

Stage 6 - Working with legal advisors to complete the sale

In conjunction with the due diligence process, a legal sale and purchase agreement (“SPA”) was being produced and negotiated between the buyers’ and sellers’ respective lawyers. Our team assisted the sellers’ lawyers with this process and ensured the financial/accounting aspects of the SPA were stated in a manner than protected the value from the sale due to seller at completion and in future years where deferred consideration was due. We managed any issues that arose and helped get the legal aspects of the sale over the line.

Summary of the benefits provided by RPGCC Corporate Finance’s involvement in this transaction as lead advisors in this sale:

• We negotiated a £2m uplift on the original final offer from the buyer;

• We lowered the time required by the seller throughout the process – allowing them to continue running their business

• Our role fronting interactions protected the seller from any emotional or high stress confrontations that can arise in any sale process;

• We ensured the seller’s position was protected throughout the process – financially and legally, with confidentiality at the heart; and

• We project managed the sales process to ensure that the transaction completed according to an agreed timetable and without delays.

The seller was very happy with the outcome and the service we provided over a 6 month period. The end result left them financially secure and excited about the next chapter in their lives.

If you would like more information about our transactions service or if you wish to discuss how you might benefit from our lead advisory services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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