Non-resident and Non-domicile Tax

Are you moving to the UK or investing in the UK? 

RPGCC’s tax advisers can help with non-resident and non-domicile tax


If you are considering moving to the UK from overseas the pre-arrival planning you do in order to establish your domicile and residence status can help reduce the amount of tax you then subsequently pay. 

RPGCC’s team of international tax advisers can help with this very complex area of tax planning. 

Non-resident and non-domicile tax planning is an area in which you should always seek professional advice. 

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What are the rules for non-domicile tax (non-doms)?

There are special rules in the UK that UK non-domicile individuals can benefit from.  These rules mean that you are only taxed on the money earned in the UK. 

Your domicile status (the country you call your permanent home) will determine how you are taxed.  This will determine the UK taxes that you are liable for including income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT). 


What services do RPGCC provide to non-resident and non-domicile tax clients?

Our specialist tax advisers help non-resident and non-domicile tax clients in a number of ways: 

We can review your domicile status, including pre-UK entry and exit planning 

Consider remittance basis v arising basis 

Deemed domicile and inheritance tax planning 

Remittance basis planning, including a review of how you might fund your UK requirements

Non-domicile to UK domicile spouse elections

How do RPGCC help non-resident and non-domicile individuals?

The UK Government has made changes to the non-domicile tax rules recently, this is to ensure that everyone here in the UK pays a fair amount of tax on their income.   This is a complex area of tax which needs professional advice. 

As well as having a team of in-house tax experts RPGCC are also members of Parker Russell International and IR Global.  These international connections provide us with access to a network of tax specialists globally.  

When should you seek professional advice as a non-resident and non-domicile tax client?

Ideally, before you arrive here in the UK.

If you have already arrived, welcome, we are delighted to have you, but, please seek professional tax advice now before it is too late!

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