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Do you require an ATOL Reporting Accountant (ARA Accountant) for your travel business?



Our team of specialist ATOL accountants, specialist auditors, and tax advisers are located in our London EC3 office and they help travel companies across the UK with the ATOL Reporting requirements.  


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What services do our ATOL Reporting Accountants (ARA Accountants) deliver to the travel and tourism sector? 

If you operate or are the owner of a tour or travel business, you will be familiar with the auditing and reporting requirements imposed on ATOL registered travel companies and the steps they must take in order to meet their legal obligations.

In April 2016 it became a mandatory requirement that only a designated ‘ATOL Reporting Accountant’ (ARA) from a registered firm is authorised to sign an ATOL accountants’ report, as mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This followed the introduction of the ARA Scheme which was introduced to enhance the quality of accountants’ reports for ATOL holders.

By appointing an ARA accountant, travel companies and their owners have the reassurance that the individual they are working with understands the CAA’s reporting expectations which ensures compliance and protection for both the ATOL company and their clients.

At RPGCC our team of qualified Auditors, and Chartered Accountants offer ARA accounting services tailored to meet the specific requirements of ATOL companies.

Does your travel company or tour operating business require an audit?

For ATOL holders, the auditing requirements vary based on their licensable turnover. Standard ATOL holders with a turnover exceeding £5 million must submit signed audited financial statements. However, for those with a turnover below £5 million, an audit is only necessary upon CAA request. In cases of unaudited accounts, an Accountants Report must be included in the financial statements.

For ABTA members, the submission of audited accounts is typically dictated by ABTA’s requirements, unless specified otherwise. Again, unaudited accounts must include an Accountants Report.

Our team of accountants and auditors are familiar with the ATOL reporting and the necessary audit requirements, and we offer a wide range of services to help travel and tourism businesses grow and meet their goals.

ATOL Reporting Accountants ARA Accountants

What services do our ARA (ATOL Reporting Accountants) provide to UK travel businesses?


Our team of London accountants and tax advisers specialise in supporting business owners in a wide range of industry sectors including:

  • Preparation of management accounts for travel and tourism businesses
  • Outsourced payroll, bookkeeping, MTD and cloud accounting such as Xero or QuickBooks
  • Assistance with ABTA bonding
  • Assistance with ATOL licence annual renewal applications
  • Signing off of ATOL Annual Accountants Reports and arranging for submission to the CAA.
  • Signing off of Financial Protection Annual Return for submission to ABTA
  • ATOL licence annual renewal applications
  • Business advice, structuring, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate Tax planning
  • Research and Development Tax, Capital Allowances
  • Share schemes including EOTs, growth shares, alphabet shares.

Our team are always on hand and ready to assist wherever necessary, offering personalised advice that you can rely upon.   

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