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Supercharged Tax Investigation Service for 2023/2024. 

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HMRC do not need a reason to open a tax enquiry into your affairs and the costs associated with a HMRC tax investigation can be substantial, even if you have done nothing wrong and no additional tax is considered due.  

RPGCC’s insurer backed Tax Investigation Service provides you with complete peace of mind that should HMRC select you, and launch a tax investigation upon you or your business (or both), our professional tax advisers will be on hand to assist you, every step of the way. 

For 2023/2024 we have supercharged our tax investigations service.

Not only are we able to offer you free access to a Business Hub which provides you with access to a range of documents and advice designed to help you grow and manage your business with confidence, we have also built an online portal which means that you can subscribe to this service online, and make your payment online in a secure manner using a debit or credit card all in a matter of minutes.  

Please read the important notes below before proceeding to our portal link below.


I have read the important notes below and wish to subscribe or renew my 

Tax Investigation service for 2023/2024 

IMPORTANT NOTES – 1 November 2023 – 31 October 2024 Tax Investigation Service 

Following feedback from our clients we have made some changes to the way in which we administer our scheme this year. 

Standard rate clients* (not special quotes or groups) will be able to make payment online via our secure portal (see below) using a bank or credit card.  All you need to proceed is your client reference number (this will be on the email or letter you have received) your name and your bank card.  You no longer have to wait for us to invoice you and as soon as you make your payment you will receive subscription confirmation automatically by email. 

One important point that we must highlight this year is that you will be paying Croner-I direct for the service. You will not be making your payment to RPG Crouch Chapman.  You will not receive an RPGCC invoice as in earlier years. If you do still wish to pay by BACS (or cheque) you will need to change your payee to Croner-i.   Full details are available on the email or paperwork that you received by post.  

Neither the provider or the subscription service have changed, the only changes are the payee, and the free access to the My Business Hub which all subscribers to this service are entitled. 

If you are in any doubt, or wish to confirm any of the details in our communication around this product, please contact our office via our main switchboard number for clarification before making any payment. 

(*If you are a special quote or group, you will still have to follow the manual process, please see the paperwork you have received for information.  We will be happy to assist you).  

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for the Tax Investigation Service this year?

This year all standard rated clients will be able to pay online with a bank or credit card through our new secure portal.  All you need is your name, bank card and your client reference number.  

If you are a special quote or a group, you will need to follow the instructions you have received in our communication, unfortunately you cannot pay online via our portal. 

How do I obtain a VAT receipt?

Your confirmation of cover will be your VAT receipt. This sets out how much you paid and when for your accounting records.

There will be no RPGCC invoice sent to you this year, just a request to pay.  

What should I do if I am taking a new subscription and cannot work out which category I fall into?

The categories are set by your personal tax status for private clients, or your turnover if you are a business.  

Private clients might also be sole traders or business clients if they have business turnover  on their tax return or rental income over £50k.

If you need help please contact

Who should I contact if I need help?

You can contact us at the office and our admin team will be able to assist.  

Or your can email direct and Kay will make contact with you.  Please note that this is a busy time, it may take 48 hours for us to reply to your email. 

If I am not receiving an invoice how do I know what to pay and how?

Renewal cases will receive a renewal notice which contains a reply slip. This will set out the amount due for the new subscription year.  

If you wish to take out a new subscription, standard rated clients can visit the portal and select the category they believe is relevant to their circumstances and simply process this online.  We will check this once we see that it is live, and if we believe that you have selected an incorrect category we will make contact with you.   

If you require a special quote or wish to form a group policy, please contact us as below. 

If you require help, please email

What happens if I do not resubscribe by 1 November, can we resubscribe at a later date?

If you are a renewing case, we need to ensure that there is no gap in your subscription.  Please action your renewal before 1 November.   If you fail to renew by 1 November the there will be a break in your subscription.  If an enquiry is launched during this break period you will not have a current subscription in place.  It also means that you will not be able to subscribe until that enquiry is closed. 

Please note that if there is a break in your subscription, you will not be re-subscribed until the date your payment has cleared.  

If you are a new case, i.e. not a resubscription,  you can join at any time, but your subscription is only in place from the date that your payment is cleared by the provider (this also means the date that BACS or cheque payments clear).  


Can I take out a new subscription if I have an open tax investigation?

Unfortunately for completely new subscriptions you must have received a letter from HMRC stating that any earlier enquiry has now closed and been resolved.  As soon as you have this closure notice you can take out a subscription for the remainder of the year. 

If you are a renewing client, and there is no break in your subscription (i.e. you are processing your renewal before 1 November), yes you can renew your subscription and continue to receive all benefits regardless of your ongoing enquiry. 

How will I receive confirmation of subscription?

If you have paid online through our portal you will receive this by email once your payment has cleared.  Please check your spam filter. This email will come to you from Croner, not RPG Crouch Chapman.  

If you have paid manually as a special quote or group, you will receive your confirmation from our office.  Please contact us if you do not receive this within 28 days of making payment.  

What do I need to do if I require a special quote or a quote for a group of companies?

If you require a special quote due to the size of your business turnover falling outside our standard rates or if you require a group quote for 3 or more companies, please contact Kay Merryman  

How do I arrange free cover as a director of a company, what do I need to do?

If you are subscribing a company or partnership free cover can be extended to directors, company secretaries if they meet the qualifying criteria.  

We must act for the parties being given cover and we must hold 64-8 as Agent.  Free cover is only extended on the basis that the client is a “private client” and they have no separate business turnover and their rental income is below £50k.    If you are outside of this criteria, you will need a separate subscription as the free cover will not be adequate for your affairs.  

If you are eligible for free cover please note this on your company reply slip and email this to who will then update our records.

What happens if I leave RPGCC as a client during the course of the subscription year?

If you take out a subscription from 1 November, and you cease to be a client prior to 31 October 2024, your subscription will stop on the date that you leave.  If we are no longer your tax agent we will not be able to help you in the event of an enquiry.  

There is no refund available for any part of the annual subscription not used.  Sorry.  

Can I take out a subscription at any point in the year?

Yes you can, but you are only covered from the date that your payment is cleared by the provider.

For renewing clients, if you fail to renew by 1 November, there will be a break in your subscription.  This could have consequences should HMRC launch an investigation during this break period as you will not be able to resubscribe until that investigation is close.

How do I access the free Business Advice Hub?

Full details of how you access our free business hub this year will be set out on your subscription confirmation document.  

Do you need help subscribing or resubscribing? 

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