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Thinking about Family investment companies, what are the benefits? 

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Our team of London tax advisers regularly help families with the formation of family investment companies.  

But, what exactly is a family investment company?   A family investment company is simply a company that is set up to administer the family’s investments.   They can be used as an alternative to a Trust.   

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We asked our London Tax Advisory team a few questions on Family Investment Companies, this is what they had to say…

Why would you have a family investment company over a Trust?

The reason a family might opt for a family investment company over a Trust is simple, it’s just that it is a more familiar set up. 

People are more comfortable with company structures than they often are of Trusts. 

Family Investment Companies can be combined with Trusts to provide additional asset protection. 

Who would usually set up a Family Investment Company?

Often family investment companies are set up by parents for their children or grandchildren.  

The parents can be directors to ensure they retain control over the investments.  Parents can retain a golden share that gives them overriding rights in votes.  

What investments can a Family Investment Company hold?

They can hold any type of investment, but not assets that would qualify for Business Property Relief (i.e. not business assets, typically these would be listed shares and property).


What are the benefits of family investment companies?

What are the main benefits of family investment companies are:

  • Growth in assets accrues to beneficiaries
  • Companies can receive dividends tax-free so facilitates tax-free roll-up of income
  • Sales of residential properties taxed at lower rates
  • Interest fully deductible from rental income
  • Control by virtue of being directors and voting shares
  • The costs of managing investments is deductible from income arising, this is not always the case where investments are held personally

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