P11D Submissions

A form P11D is required for each employee or director who is in receipt of taxable benefits in kind that are not put through payroll. Benefits include the provision of a company car or van, medical insurance, low interest or interest free loans and more.   The...

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ATED Property Revaluation

HMRC require companies to revalue properties which fall under ATED rules to be revalued every five years from 1 April 2012, this includes properties that are valued at £500,000 or under. The re-valuation date is 1 April 2022 and you can either obtain a professional...

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Spring Statement 2022

Against a background of the tragic news still coming out of Ukraine, increasing inflation – expected to reach 7.4% this year and only coming under control by 2024, and lower growth prospects for the UK economy, Rishi Sunak announced a couple of relatively small...

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Business Asset Disposal Relief

Business Asset Disposal Relief provides relief for disposals by smaller business owners. It results in a tax rate of 10% on the disposal. The relief is available on material disposals of business assets which covers businesses operated as a sole trader, partnership or...

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