We are delighted to announce that to further enhance our commitment to ESG, RPGCC have partnered with Every Child Online an Essex based start-up charity. Every Child Online’s purpose is to help close the digital divide and play a significant role in ending digital poverty.

Kay Merryman our Head of Marketing added “Having engaged with corporate ESG/CSR for many years I have heard many times before how digital poverty was not just a pandemic issue. Charities regularly share how the pandemic merely highlighted the issues faced by those without access to the internet in Britain today. When Alvi, our Head of IT, suggested partnering with Every Child Online, it was something RPGCC’s Partners were happy to support and actively encourage.”

Alvi Chowdhury RPGCC’s Head of IT commented “Since the inception of Every Child Online, a UK registered charity, they have collected over twelve thousand donated laptops and PCs from companies and the public across the country. To date, Every Child Online has received, refurbished, and donated for free; over 3.5 million pounds of devices to schools and other charitable organisations supporting underprivileged children and young adults. We all know that there is no better advocate than someone that has already signed on the dotted line. So, if like us, you are upgrading IT equipment or if you have IT equipment that is no longer fit for purpose stored in a cupboard, please consider joining us and donating to Every Child Online.

As we all operate in a world of heightened data security and data protection how we dispose of IT equipment is, of course, something that we as professional advisors must take seriously. ECO provide a professional and secure wiping or destruction service. This provides an audit trail as well as certificates of proof via their online portal which gives us reassurance that any remaining data is secure. Their ITAD service is free and complies with UK data security and environmental standards. Engaging with ECO is a win-win for everyone involved”.

We would like to thank Every Child Online for their efforts and wish them every success in the future. If you would like to learn more about Every Child Online, you can visit their website here.

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